Custom Framing To Celebrate And Honor Real American Heroes

Preserving The Memory And Creating A One-Of-A-Kind Keepsake For Our American Heroes

Ray Dietrich, CEO America's Keepers Inc.
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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, especially in full dress uniform and had that sense of pride? Once you or a loved one retires, you can capture that pride forever by allowing us to create an incredible keepsake for both you and your family for years to come by allowing American Heroes Custom Framing to specially custom design and frame your uniform or your loved ones.

As a retirement gift for a co-worker, instead of giving them the normal shadowbox, they will absolutely be completely shocked when you present them with their uniform, with all of the medals adorned proudly and rank insignia custom designed and framed specifically for them.

100% of our items are made in the U.S.A., handmade from beginning to end with the highest quality materials possible at below wholesale prices. Each framed keepsake is custom designed for you, your hero and the uniform. There is nothing “Cookie Cutter”, every single keepsake is “One-of-a-Kind” guaranteed. 
Our custom designed and framed uniforms are not mass made nor are they cookie cutter. Each custom framed uniform is individually designed to present it in the best light possible. Unlike cookie cutter framing which uses matt board that reflects light, we go above and beyond and utilize suede backing in varying colors. Suede, unlike matt board, absorbs light ensuring that the uniform within is proudly and prominently displayed. The uniform appears to be floating within the frame along with two (2) photo’s which you select. The photo’s as well as the center seal of either the department or branch of service is double matted for framing and also appears to float within the frame. Finally, instead of utilizing heavy glass which could easily shatter, we use an upgraded Plexi Glass with UV protection to stop the uniform from fading. By utilizing Plexi Glass, it also greatly reduces the overall weight, making it much easier to hang or display.


How do I get a uniform framed?

We would love to frame your uniform for you. Simply complete the form above and we will call you to understand your needs and how you would love to see it framed. Then, send it to us and we will handle the rest, returning an incredible work of art that will last forever.

How many elements can we use in a framed keepsake?

That’s simply up to you. You can simply have your uniform framed with our custom designed elements or you can add additional items - the sky is the limit. We cater to you since each framed uniform is specifically designed for you and the uniform itself to display it in the absolute best way possible.

How do we get the uniform to you and how do we get our framed piece?

After speaking with us, you simply place it in a secure box and sent it directly to our Baltimore Location. After it is completed, we will ship it back to you in a very well padded shipping box via United Parcel Service (UPS). We make the process very easy.

How long Does it take to complete a framed piece?

Depending on where you are, shipping to us and back takes the majority of the time. Once we receive it, it only takes a maximum of two (2) weeks to custom design and frame it.  

How do I know what it is going to look like?

Once we have it completed and framed, we will email you a photo.

How much does it cost?

Once we contact you and understand your needs, the cost of our “One of a Kind” custom designed and framed uniform starts at only $395.00 plus shipping and handling. We believe in offering the lowest price possible to honor your American Hero for well under wholesale pricing.  

Do you frame other items outside of Police, Firemen, Military and Veterans?

As a matter of fact, we do. We can custom design anything for you including shadowboxes with either Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS to U.S. Armed Forces Ranks and medals. Through our sister company, we also have the ability to frame and custom design Sports Jerseys from Professional Athlete’s or your child’s sports team uniform. We can take care of all of your needs, just submit the form above and we will be in touch.
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